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Scientific reasons to smile

"Everyone smiles in the same language."

It's such a simple facial expression, yet it can do so much for us and others. Not surprisingly, research tells us, as adults, we are not smiling nearly as much as we did when we were kids. It correlates with growing up and taking on more responsibilities, like possibly raising children of your own. While we may not have similar carefree lifestyles as we did when we were preteens, we still have plenty we can smile about. There are also numerous health benefits to flashing our smiles more often, including benefits to others.

Smiling can help relieve stress and elevate our moods while even helping us live longer. So just by simply smiling more often we improve our mental and physical health. Not a bad reason to find more moments in our day to smile. We can always find more reasons to smile. I feel we just get bombarded by circumstances that want to steal our smile from us and rob us of any good mood in the process. What's so fascinating is the simple act of smiling alerts our brains to get happy, almost coaxing us into better moods. What a great way to combat a bad mood! Do stuff that makes you smile or laugh, or both!

Photo by Peggy Anke on Pexels

Another fun fact about smiling is observing others who are smiling triggers a physiological response in us to smile back. Even if we don't smile back, observing people smiling gives us a bump of dopamine regardless. It appears smiling is contagious in the best of ways. It does not matter if it is coming from a loved one or a the clerk at the grocery store. Maybe you have noticed how people who smile more often tend to live happier lives too. It does not necessarily mean people who smile more often lead extraordinary lives. They simply prefer to focus on the good while reaping the benefits of smiling more often.

I love being greeted by a smile, and I am definitely a smiler myself. It's my expression of choice. 😁 How about you? How often do you smile? When someone smiles at you in public do you smile back? Take notice next time you are out and about. Some of us are always looking for reasons to be happy while others prefer to look for reasons to be grumpy. It's no coincidence people who choose to smile more often prefer to find more happiness in their life. Go ahead. Smile! It just may put you in a much better mood today. 😊

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