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Soaking in the Sun

"Turn your face toward the Sun and the shadows will fall behind you."

Sunlight is one of Mother Nature's many healing modalities. It helps us produce Vitamin D and release the mood boosting chemical serotonin. Moderate exposure to sunlight can actually help prevent certain cancers, as well as treat skin disorders like psoriasis and acne. It's no coincidence that we equate sunshine with being happy. We don't typically see gradeschool drawings of the Sun with frowns on them. 🌞 The entire world we live in literally revolves around the Sun. It's a pretty big deal.

For most of us, the nicer weather provides more opportunities to soak in the Sun. Whether it's exercise, leisure or enjoying a nice meal, sunny and warm days encourage us to take it outside! I love running outside, preferably through a forest preserve or on a running trail. I also love playing out in the yard with my nieces and nephews on a sunny summer day. The Sun reminds me of all the goodness in life. It's warmth. It's brightness. It's beauty during sunrises and sunsets. It's an extraordinary presence in our lives.

Photo by Suliman Sallehi on Pexels

I understand the potential harm posed from overexposure to sunlight. The Sun can be unforgiving from something as simple as a sunburn to the more serious skin diseases and cancers. The same way we can use fire to warm our home or burn it down, the Sun must be treated with respect. I have had sunburns that no amount of aloe could have soothed quick enough. Now that I am older and wiser, sunscreen is one of those health and safety measures I do not take lightly. I will also limit my exposure when I feel like I have soaked in enough sun for the day.

Just like most things, we should be soaking the Sun in with moderation. Hopefully you have been getting enough sunlight to help keep those good mood chemicals flowing and your heart smiling. As a heads-up, we do not receive the UVB wavelength through windows, so we are not getting the same sunlight benefits when we are inside. If the Sun does happen to be shining, it's on us to take advantage of the many benefits of direct sunlight by heading outdoors. Besides helping us be happy, it's also there to help us be healthy too.

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