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Adapting to change

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails."

Change can be tough. It can be outright dreadful. However, change can also be beautiful and more importantly, necessary. This pandemic is a perfect example. Everyone was forced to adapt (or not) to the sudden shift in our daily lives: Masks. Zoom. Remote learners. Unemployment. Shuttered businesses. Lost loved ones. The list goes on.

The pandemic has been a large scale example of how if we choose to resist the change going on in our lives, we can experience a heavy backlash of our own doing. I found that living the best quality of life available to me requires being flexible to the change going on in my life, whether it is in my control or not. That does not mean we should not get upset, disappointed or outright mad about what we are experiencing in the moment. But for how long? How long do we keeping adding emotional fuel to the fire of our own contempt or resentment? When does it go from being a healthy outlet to becoming self-harm and even harm to others?

I realized how destructive I was being to myself by remaining upset, disappointed or mad at circumstances and people. It took a while for me to reduce the amount of time and energy I spent in that negative space I created. Since making this realization the amount of time is minuscule now. If I feel the need, I throw 2-minute self-pity parties and move on. 😁 It has been one of the most freeing shifts I have made in my life along with dissolving feelings of guilt and healing past trauma.

Now I focus on all of the good stuff that can arise out of sudden unwanted change and embrace it with hope, always finding silver linings of potential. People lost jobs recently, but started new businesses. People got stuck working at home but are able to spend more time with their loved ones and avoid crappy commutes. I always tell people "My glass is not half full, it's overflowing!" The shift from half empty was the key.

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