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Playing the hand we are dealt

"Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism.

The way you play it is free will."

Sometimes life deals us tough blows that can seem to paralyze our world temporarily while facing the situation at hand. How we respond is what determines how our life path unfolds from there. Different responses to circumstances will pave different paths according to quantum mechanics and superposition. Think Schrodinger's Cat. This supposes that we have the power to create our future based on our thoughts, choices and actions. Let the quantum chips fall where they may. Determinism be damned!

How freeing is to know that when life eventually does hand us a bag of lemons, WE decide what to do!?!? We can make some lemonade and share with loved ones, or suck on those lemons while having a pity party for one. It truly is up to us! 😃

Many of us will at times allow our negative emotions to dictate our response since we are not experiencing what we wanted or expected. What I have found is it's usually never my initial impulsive reaction but rather a well thought out response that will benefit me. I feel like it's removing the instant gratification my Id seeks vs. committing to the long game approach of my Superego, from a Freudian perspective.

By slowing down our mind and analyzing all of the variables at play, we are much better prepared to play any hand that life deals to us. I learned that simple practices like mindfulness and meditation help me make better informed choices so I can truly maximize my own potential and quality of life.

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