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Changing with the times

"The most dangerous phrase is, 'We've always done it that way.' "

- Grace Hopper

It's easy for people and organizations to get stuck in their ways. The problem with not reevaluating how and why we do what we do is that things like technology and social norms get outdated. There is a reason today's youth do not know what a fax machine is or how to write a check. There's a reason Bumble (where women initiate the contact) is such a successful dating app. We are able to make progress in so many different ways when we innovate and develop as a society.

Change is good, but it can also be scary. When we are used to living a certain way, any disruption to our everyday world can cause us to become resistant or weary of new ways of doing things. Crypto currency is a perfect example of something where there are many different opinions on where it is headed. There seems to be real value in blockchain technology which is the plumbing of the latest layer of the internet, web 3.0. While crypto's stock price volatility can be tough for some people to stomach, there is real money being made in mining and investing in crypto. There was also a time when people were skeptical of paper money.

Photo by Sajeesh James on Pexels

Staying ahead of the curve is important. Nobody wants to end up like Blockbuster, who famously laughed Netflix out of the room back in September of 2000. Who's laughing now? In the office, the pandemic has eliminated the need for millions of people to commute to work and retailers are paying over $15hr (US) to retain good employees. Organizations who embrace the new way of doing business will most likely reap the benefits along with the profits. Thankfully, employees seem to be benefitting as well by becoming a commodity of higher value during the Great Resignation.

As individuals, we may be reluctant to embrace change whether it's a shiny new object or it's forcing our hand. By being more open-minded to new technologies or approaches to doing things, we can learn to adapt more effortlessly. If we are skeptical or unsure, we can do our research. We can ask questions. The key for us is to not get too comfortable with what is. People will always be developing better ways to do things. It's how we have evolved. It's how we keep evolving. It's on each of us to keep up.

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