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Choosing the best perspective

"Your perspective will either become your prison or your passport.”

Everything seems different from a different perspective. I truly believe it all depends on the filter we apply while taking a good look. For example, when I’m walking down a crowded street I can look for reasons to be inspired, disgusted or indifferent to my surroundings. There is always some good, some bad and everything in between. What really matters most to me is, what do I want to experience in life? What mood do I want to be in? Of course riding the rollercoaster ride of life is not as simple. Life throws stuff at us sometimes and we get to choose how we respond.

I used to have my perspective all wrong. My outlook on life was twisted. I used to feel like I just couldn’t catch a break and that the world had it in for me. Self-loathing and self-pity were my comfort moods and they only led me down a lonely road to nowhere. Thankfully, there is a quick twist here. My perspective on life took a sudden shift toward the bright side after confronting my dark past and owning it. I didn’t ignore my demons, I started facing them. I busted through the darkness and reconnected to my heart through much soul searching and deep reflection.

It’s amazing what a strong dose of pure Love can do to the system. It made it tougher for me to be upset with people, including myself. Not only did I realize I had become my own worst enemy, I wanted to stop making enemies with people because I didn’t agree with them or appreciate their attitude. I started seeking more to understand and stopped caring about being a judge of moral character. Although, I did stop inviting drama into my life. It still pops up, but it quickly fades too! I prefer tuning into a higher frequency where the good vibes reside, turning life’s lemons into lemonade.

I can say the same about my renewed outlook on life. No more room for doom and gloom thinking for me. My arrow is pointing up. Seeds are being planted. Opportunities are brewing. The future looks bright. I had to realize I am the creator and author of my life. Whatever attitude and energy I’m putting out there every day will keep showing up. So I keep waking up each morning with excited anticipation for the day, accepting whatever unfolds. The results lately have been great! It simply took a change in my perspective.

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