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Creating better consequences

"You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice."

When you think of consequences, what comes to mind? Are you thinking about negative consequences or positive ones? We have all suffered negative consequences by making choices that went against our better judgment, but our actions can have positive consequences too. For example, eating fast food every day and avoiding exercise will have negative consequences on our health, while eating healthy and exercising daily have positive consequences.

Every choice and decision we make has some form of good, bad or neutral consequences. The choices we make every day determine how our life will unfold in front of us. While we may not know the outcome when we are making those choices, we can get a pretty good idea of just how favorable or unfavorable the consequences will be. Ignoring the check engine light may very well lead to some negative consequences, while doing preventative maintenance on a car will provide positive consequences by avoiding costly repairs.

Photo by Kike Vega on Unsplash

From a consequences perspective, we can always look at the choices we are making to determine whether they may have favorable or unfavorable consequences. If we are putting in a good-hearted effort with the right intentions, we should expect positive consequences to be the result of our actions. If we are putting in a lackluster effort with the wrong intentions, we are more likely to encounter negative consequences. The choice is ours. While me may not always have control over what happens to us, we have control over the choices we make every day, including how we respond to what happens to us.

Think about the choices you are making every day and the intent behind them. Are your choices paving the way for more negative or positive consequences to show up in your life? The actions we take today help determine the quality of our tomorrow and every day after that. It may not sound easy, but it is that simple. By continuing to put in a good-hearted effort with the right intentions, the positive consequences will keep lining themselves up and showing up at the right time. We are rewarded for our efforts in due time.

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