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Feeling connected to it all

"Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness with the universe."

In psychology the ego is defined as the self. It's our identity and what we believe to be separate from everyone and everything else. Our ego is who we are, along with our best and worst qualities, characteristics and traits. Without an ego, we might as well not exist as individuals. Yet, quantum theory would argue we are all connected and the idea of a separate self is but a mere illusion. Interestingly enough, Spirituality would make a similar argument. Even Jesus spoke about all of us being of oneness. So how did we get so segmented?

Ironically enough, religion seems to have split people up into groups based on their beliefs, pulling us further away from the idea of oneness or unity. Another culprit of oneness is racism, particularly based on skin color. In another twist of irony, our skin color has evolved over time depending where people live. The further people migrated north or south of the equator, the lighter their skin got. It makes me wonder if we all practiced the same religion (or shared similar Spiritual beliefs) and were the same skin color, if we would feel more connected to each other by having the same beliefs and looking like each other.

Photo by Mike Scheid on Unsplash

It may not be as simple as that, seeing as there are people who share the same religion and same skin tone who feel no connection with each other. Different ideological beliefs still prevent people from not only getting along with others, but even tolerating/accepting those who do not share their views. This is where ego can get in the way of unity and oneness by creating these separate selves who may struggle to feel a connection with others. Once I discovered the illusion of the separate self by the ego, thanks in part to science, Spirit and deep reflection, I was able to start seeing more of myself in everyone else. This was a gradual process that took me a few years to fully grasp.

Seeing all of humanity as being connected behind the scenes in the subconscious world that lies beyond our physical reach has helped me gain a better understanding of oneness. I'm rooting for Team Humanity to rise above the idea of a divided world where people are forced to fend for themselves and create enemies of those they feel threatened by. We are living in a divided world, but we have the ability to connect more with each other, especially through technology. With the right facts and information, we can create more unity through peace, Love and understanding. It's not an easy task, but I believe it's an important one, so we can experience the oneness we all share beneath our skin and beyond the veil of existence.

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