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Feeling joyful

"If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment."

Family. Friends. Careers. Hobbies. Music. Movies. These are all parts of our lives that bring us joy. They can bring on the negative emotions as well, but are also the primary source of our joy. Sometimes we can lose sight or feeling of any joy as we tend to the whirlwind of responsibilities and commitments throughout our day. Some days can feel outright dreadful, making it harder to appreciate the little things and find joy in the everyday trappings of life. If we can learn to find more moments of appreciation and joy throughout our day, it can become a more effortless habit.

A stronger connection to my heart has been the primary factor in me experiencing more joy and less emotional pain in my life. It's the feeling of compassion and empathy for myself and others that has vastly improved my relationship with myself and others. It's the feeling that we all share this special bond on Earth, what I call Team Humanity. I believe we all originate from the same Source, and we as a team have the opportunity to elevate the collective vibration of our planet. I have no proof of this except through deep reflection and my own research on the subject of mysticism. I have had a handful of psychedelic experiences too. 😵😁

Because of this connection I feel to Source, it makes it tougher for me to get upset with other people or myself. I was able to stop judging myself and others so much and cut everyone more slack, especially myself. By not being so hard on myself or others I allow joy to show up more often throughout my day, even when I am putting out fires or deep in the weeds. I have learned to laugh at myself, in a freeing way. The burden feels lighter. The sun shines brighter, even on the coldest winter days. It has been a complete shift from the sharp-tongued and self-absorbed jerk I played as a young adult.

Mindfulness and the series of "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" books were part of my self-realization starter kit. They helped initiate my new outlook of letting it go and letting it be. The anger and unease in my life started fading. That's when more joy started showing up. We all have the capacity to experience more joy in our lives, if we feel it may be lacking. We won't experience it by waiting for it to show up or looking for reasons to be upset. If we can learn to cultivate more compassion in our lives and shift our perspective toward one of Love, joy becomes the natural recurring feeling we experience more often, even on the toughest days.

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