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Focusing on the good

"What we think, we become."

Like attracts like. This was one of the first mantras I would repeat to myself of once I started living more from my heart and less from the unproductive and impulsive reactions of my reptilian brain. I noticed how a positive mindset correlates to many spiritual practices too. There is karma in Buddhism, which basically states that we get what we give (whether toward others or ourselves). Jesus said, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

There is also scientific evidence that our thoughts and intentions play a big role in creating our reality. There are countless quotes about it. "Picture the end in mind. . . Act the part. . . Be the ball." In simple terms, think of the happiest and unhappiest people you know. What is their perspective on life? How do they treat themselves and others? Some people feel we are destined to end up the way we are with a fixed set of characteristics and fixed outlook toward life. I learned it does not have to be that way.

My quality of life skyrocketed once I started having a better attitude toward life and toward the possibilities for my future. I started taking better care of my mental, physical and Spiritual health. I found living The Golden Rule pays huge dividends! By treating people better I receive better treatment in return. By treating myself better I continue striving and thriving in all areas of my life. By expecting better outcomes, and focusing on the good, better outcomes and more goodness has been showing up in my life. Of course, the opposite can happen if we choose the path of self-sabotage instead.

For me, life has become much more enjoyable and meaningful, even while I am managing the curveballs life throws us. Mental Conditioning expert Trevor Moawad refers to this as neutral thinking. I still get tripped up by anxiety and negative thinking every now and then, but I bounce back quick! I do not allow myself to stay frustrated about something that is only a temporary inconvenience or completely out of my control. That's not being true or fair to myself. Now I prefer to live life with excited anticipation while accepting whatever unfolds. I simply do the best I can with what I got. It starts with choosing to focus on the good!

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