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Giving a care

"Caring about people, about life, about things, is an act of maturity."

What comes to mind when you think about what you care about the most in your life? I would guess family, career and good health are somewhere near the top of many people's list. We care about the things in our life we value most and hold closest to our hearts. We get to choose what we care about and prioritize, accordingly. To be clear, there is a difference between caring and worrying. Anxiety may require some additional self-care. It is important to care for ourselves first so we can effectively care for others.

I used to not give a care about life in general in my early 20's. I cared more about my own self-serving needs until it got to a point where I stopped caring about myself. It was not pretty. When I reconnected to my heart in my late 20's, caring about myself and others became much easier. I understood the importance of self-care and caring for everything in life. I started being more mindful and respectful toward myself, others, my environment and the environment. Giving a care did not seem like a chore but rather a responsibility to myself and the world at large.

I used to be part of the "Why should I care?" crowd. It was not lonely, but it was depressing. It was hopeless and fruitless. Coming to terms with my past was something I was able to eventually own and then release. Even though I was that person, I no longer need to be that person, or be shameful for who I was. I learned a lot by being the person I was. I learned what I no longer wanted to be or feel in life. I dissolved my former self to carve a new path paved with kindness and good intentions. I know why I should care now. I don't need to care. I want to care and I get to care.

I created a 'Share' page for this blog for people to easily share Subatomic Zen with anyone who they feel could benefit from the content and resources. The top of the page states 'Sharing is caring.' I believe that. It's why I post this blog every day. I want to share my experiences and knowledge with everyone who is thirsting for more purpose and joy in their life. We all deserve to live a life of our own expectations. Sometimes it requires more leveling up. It's up to us to meet those expectations by putting in the required effort, while still enjoying the journey. The more we care, the higher we climb.

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