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Handling our mental weather

"Life is March weather, savage and serene in one hour."

Why do we talk about the weather so much? What is it about the weather that we find it being brought up in conversations when someone feels the need to say something? It's like this go-to topic that everyone can weigh in on. "Looks like another beautiful day." Or, "What is with all this rain?" There is always some comment to make about the weather, no matter what it's like outside. While the weather is one thing we all have in common, it's our mental weather that we all share too, whether it be the sunshine or the rain.

Some days our mood may match the weather. If the sun is shining, we are in a good mood. Or is it's gloomy outside, we may be feeling a bit down ourselves. Then there are those days where it's a complete mismatch. It can be one of those perfect days where the temperature is just right, but we feel completely off for some reason. Then of course, it can be storming really bad while we feel at peace and in a good mood. While we can't control the weather, we have the ability to alter our mood, no matter what the weather is like that day.

Photo by Jackson David on Pexels

Think of a time when you were having a bad day and then you received some good news or something wonderful happened to brighten your day. Just like that, you were in a much better mood. The good news is, we do not need good news or a fortunate turn of events to turn our gloomy day into a sunny one. There are plenty of things we can do to pull us out of our bad mood. We can call an old friend or prepare our favorite meal. Exercise and meditation have been proven to naturally boost our mood and energy levels. We can also turn to our favorite books, movies or music. I personally love dancing to get me out of any funk.

What activities do you get so wrapped up in where you are able to forget about the problems of the day and thoroughly enjoy what you are doing? That's your sunshine. That's your perfect weather. We may not be able to completely put off whatever it is we have to eventually deal with, but we can put ourselves in a better mood to help us manage. Storms come and go, but providing ourselves with our own brand of sunshine or perfect weather can do wonders for our mental health and wellbeing. Go ahead, put some sun in your day today, no matter what the weather is like outside.

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