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Keeping it fresh

"I love having the impulsivity to change course. I think it's key to keeping things fresh."

Routines are great for forming and maintaining healthy habits. It's that dedicated consistency that helps us level up and greatly benefits our wellbeing. Some of them are designed just to keep us functioning. Eat, sleep, clean, repeat. Shaking up our routines can add some excitement to our life, even if its something simple like taking a different route or switching up our self-care or exercise routine.

I tell people variety is the spice of life, probably too much. I think it's due to how much I love experiencing new things, from ice cream flavors to holistic therapies. I know many people are creatures of comfort and habit. I understand how exploring our options can seem scary at times, even if it is just a different ice cream flavor. Knowing and getting what we expect can be satisfying. Also, testing out new restaurants or new music doesn't always produce the desired results. I started realizing that's the point. We have to know what we don't like in order to truly appreciate what we do like.

The best thing that can happen by switching up our routine is that we discover something even better than what we could have imagined. A new favorite music genre. A book you never would have read if not for being recommended by a friend, and you can't seem to put it down. Sometimes we wonder why we even waited so long to switch up our routine in favor of something new and exciting. It can provide us with a new perspective by changing how we view and experience the world, even if it's just a new route home from work.

Change is good. Variety is good. It can even be great when we choose to wander outside our comfort zone and experience so much more of what life has to offer. It isn't always pleasant after that first sip or bite, but sometimes it's exquisite! And we want more! That's why we do it. We even incorporate new routines into our lives and wonder how we ever survived without it. It all starts with being able to switch things up from time to time and keep it fresh. What are some things you are considering to keep things fresh in your life? What's holding you back?

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