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Living in peace

"Real bliss is to have peace of mind."

Sometimes, at the end of a long day, all we want is to relax and unwind, preferably with some peace and quiet. We also know it's much easier said than done, especially in this connected world we live in today. Sure, smart phones have made life easier, but they have made it tougher to balance our personal and professional lives. Our co-workers and loved ones have instant access to our attention with a simple text or email notification. We get so busy taking care of business and family that we might not spare enough time for ourselves.

I learned the importance of prioritizing my well-being so I can attend to my commitments and still make time for myself throughout the day. In my former roles as a technical recruiter and career advisor I would take walks during the day. It was a great way for me to put work on pause and grab some fresh air while racking up my 10,000 steps. These walks became vital for me, especially when I was struggling with anxiety issues. I was always putting pressure on myself to perform well in whatever role I occupied at the time. I realized over time I was being too hard on myself. The walks became my therapy and saving grace.

I learned to stop being so hard on myself by reorganizing my expectations of what I wanted out of life. I realized I was sacrificing my self-worth to please my employers and my loved ones. I was unsatisfied and and feeling the effects of an unpleasant work environment. I decided I had to take more responsibility for my own well-being and sense of inner peace. I realized I had to make changes in my career and my approach to living life if I truly wanted to live with more purpose and joy. Three years of talk therapy and mindfulness techniques also helped me commit to living a better quality of life.

By prioritizing my well-being I was able to create personal and professional paths that align more with my life purpose. I choose opportunities that always help people level up in life and benefit my own quality of life in the process. I engage in personal and professional endeavors where everyone is enjoying the experience and somehow benefiting from it. I stopped needing to please or bend to the will of others. I can still go out there and maximize my potential without having to sacrifice my morals or my sense of well-being. It starts with loving and taking better care of ourselves first. That's where we find peace of mind.

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