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Persistence and consistence

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."

- Albert Einstein

The best way to accomplish goals is to always be striving toward them. While that sounds simple enough, everyone knows from experience accomplishing goals can be difficult, but tough goals often produce big payoffs. I feel the goals most important to us should center around personal development and growth. Achieving personal growth goals helps us to more easily flourish in all areas of our life, especially the most challenging ones.

I realized I was going to find no satisfaction outside myself until I was satisfied with everything going on inside of myself. I made it my mission to be happy with me and my lot in life, regardless of what anyone else felt about me. I was not going to allow anyone else to determine my level of happiness. And I certainly was not going to allow others to affect my mood because they choose to be dealing with and amplifying negative energy. So what does this have to do with being persistent and consistent?

By persistently and consistently developing my personal growth and improving my quality of life I was able to recognize that I do not have to allow circumstances or other people to disrupt or determine my mood or outlook on the day. Some days are tougher. Some days are a breeze! I found when I am being more mindful and practicing more self-awareness, even the toughest days turn out to be a lot less dreadful than I was making them out to be. For me it narrows down to perspective and choosing to live on the bright side of life.

I learned the best perspective is a consistently positive one, regardless. The best approach is an open-minded one that allows for something even possibly better to unfold. However, I cannot focus on the good if I instead choose to get pulled into the negative fray of life that can be lurking around every corner, especially if I keep expecting it to. So I keep focusing on the good instead and more good keeps showing up in my life. I clean up any messes and move on without taking on the residue of negative energy that remains. I persistently keep it positive and it consistently keeps paying off. I am truly grateful for this perspective on life. 🙏

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