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Seeking and soaking in adventure

"If happiness is the goal - and it should be, then adventures should be a priority."

When was the last time you went on an adventure? I'm not talking about cross-country road trips or hiking in the mountains (although they qualify). It could have been something as simple as a walk through a local forest preserve you have never visited or trying out a new restaurant you never knew existed. Adventures do not necessarily need to be elaborate or daring, but they typically provide some sense of intrigue and excitement. Not knowing what to expect should be baked in to the experience.

Adventure can be found everywhere. Sometimes it's not even a matter of where you go, but who you are with or what you are doing. Adventures can also be a matter of perspective. Occasionally we may be obligated to do something we might not necessarily be looking forward to. I always say, "If anything, it will be an adventure!" Adventure, to me, means we may be forced to step a bit outside of our comfort zone. We do not have to dread doing new things or meeting new people. We can see it as an opportunity to switch and shake things up.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels

Who knows? Maybe that forest preserve or new restaurant end up becoming favorite spots to visit. We don't know until we give it a shot. Part of the allure of seeking out new adventures can reside in the uncertainty of what may transpire. We don't necessarily know how it will unfold. Even if things do not go well or meet our expectations, it's still an adventure. They can't all be winners. However, if we hesitate to go out and experience new things, we also miss out on the excitement and fun provided by those adventures that do end up being well worth it.

What adventures do you have planned in the near future? Hopefully you have at least one thing planned that you aren't sure about but can't wait to find out. Adventure can be something we seek out on a regular basis to break any monotony that may be creeping into our lives. Adventure gives life a bit more pizzazz! Again, it can be found everywhere. We just have to remove our blinders every once in a while and take more leaps of faith. Next time adventure is calling, maybe resist the temptation to let it go straight to voicemail.

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