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Taking our own advice

"If we followed our own advice, we'd be successful."

If we are doing it right, life should be one long journey of never ending learning and growth. The same way we take care of our bodies to get us around, by also taking care of our mental, emotional and Spiritual health, we can vastly increase the quality of our lives. Sometimes we get so caught up in helping others with their lives, we may neglect self-care routines that we know benefit us, but we stop making the time for them.

I consider myself a wellbeing advocate. I thrive on helping people level up in all areas of their life. I like playing the role of teammate, cheerleader and coach. While I can be versatile in the roles I play, I sometimes forget to take my coaching hat off and practice my own advice. I write posts about maintaining healthy habits, focusing on the good and reaching out to others for help. I admit that I sometimes struggle to follow through on the commitments I made to myself so I can live my life with more purpose and joy.

I started going through many of the More Wellness! resources I include under every post for Subatomic Zen. There are hundreds of great links with some great advice I have been neglecting and I know will help me level up in life. While I do not want to get too down on myself, I have to put more effort into improving my wellbeing and quality of life. I understand that I have come a long way, but I know that learning and growing is a lifelong process. I also realize, to accomplish the goals I set for myself, I need to follow my own advice more often.

I do not feel comfortable creating all of this content centered around self improvement and personal growth if I am not incorporating the valuable advice given by all of the More Wellness! content creators. There is much great advice from so many professionals who focus on helping people level up in life. Instead of just being the messenger, I will be the reader and incorporator of the beneficial advice so I can have More Wellness! in my life too! I will also take my own advice and do regular check-ins with an accountability partner to help me reach my goals. Have you been giving out any advice lately that you feel you could be applying more in your life?

More Wellness!


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