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Tending to our garden

"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success."

A garden is a great example of earning the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor by nurturing a variety of seeds until they eventually produce the desired rewards. The same way Rome wasn't built in a day, plants do not bear fruit and vegetables overnight. Like anything worth having, it takes time and energy. The more we tend to our garden by watering and weeding it, the better haul we will have once everything starts ripening in preparation to get picked. The key is to keep tending to our garden in the process.

When we set out to pursue a long-term goal it's on us to make sure we are doing everything necessary to stay focused and committed to achieving our vision. Of course, having an accountability partner helps, if you missed yesterday's post. 😁 The same way our garden requires constant watering, our long-term goals require constant attention. We know what happens when plants go without water. When our long-term goals go unattended, we experience similar results; the figurative death of our vision. Hopefully, we are not distracted by admiring or loathing the gardens of others.

The problem with some unattended goals is they might not take the physical form of a dying plant. Not every unfinished vision becomes as glaring as spackled walls and untrimmed floors in our DIY kitchen makeover. Some visions barely take any physical form, remaining as ideas in our heads, scribbled on Post-it notes or forgotten Google docs. I have had many long-term goals enter and exit my head before they ever took any physical form. I found having tangible evidence and physical reminders of our goals can help us stick to our vision until we have achieved what we set out to do.

When we are able physically see the progress of our goals (or lack thereof), we are more likely to make a committed effort to seeing them through to completion. By setting smaller goals and tracking our progress we can even increase our chances of success. It's simply a matter of staying dedicated to our mission and vision. Tending to the garden of our long-term goals requires scheduling the time and investing our energy. With enough patience and follow-through, our deepest desires can manifest into the fruits of our labor.

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