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The importance of faith

"Sometimes life is going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith."

Faith is not technically classified as an emotion. Just like love, it is a feeling we experience when connected to Source. Whether or not we practice being faithful will determine what emotions we experience in our daily lives. I found that the more faith I have in my goals and intentions, the more likely I am to keep striving toward those goals and thriving as a result of following through on my intentions, regardless of the obstacles or setbacks along the way.

I learned the hard way that by rejecting the idea of being faithful I was giving up on my plans for the future when things did not go my way or come to fruition quick enough. Losing faith in myself and the world I was living in at the time led me to a period of darkness and despair. I was prepared to tap out in life, but faith helped save me. For this I am so grateful. Through deep reflection I was able to reconnect with my faith by experiencing the Love that permeates through all of us in the Aether.

Spending time sitting in silence with my thoughts was not easy at first. I had to take a hard look at myself and my intentions compared to my actions. I realized I was allowing negative emotions like fear, anger, worry and doubt to distort my outlook on life. This was a recipe for disaster and hopelessness. I purged the negativity through my connection with Love. It restored my faith in myself and helped provide me with a bright outlook on life compared to my days of doom and gloom thinking. What a game changer!

This did not happen for me overnight. However, I learned that shifting our thoughts and mindset from the negative to the positive does not have to be as tough as we may make it out to be. I used to tell myself I can't meditate or I don't have the time. It became more effortless for me when I reminded myself of the benefits of sitting with my thoughts and doing the deep internal work that helps us to live life with more purpose and joy. It was simply a matter of shifting and reframing my thinking to create a brighter future for myself. I achieved this by reconnecting to my heart and restoring my faith through Love.

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