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The magic of music

"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul."

Music is something that transcends cultures and languages. It has the ability to stir up emotions inside us ranging from comfort, to inspiration, to pure joy. Music is a part of our lives in some form or another, and it's everywhere. It's with us on our commute, while shopping, and even gets stuck in our head. You know, those few songs on shuffle that won't seem to escape your consciousness. We all have those songs that instantly evoke a memory from the past too. Music is powerful!

I love music. I am someone who considers music to be the soundtrack of my life. If I could, I would always have music playing to fit my mood and the environment, with the ability to press pause every now and then of course, or crank it up! 😃 Music touches my soul. I like all genres of music from classical, to blues, to EDM. My favorite genre is hip hop. I love it so much I create my own hip hop music. I feel all genres of music music help lift my spirits and give me more hope and faith for my future.

I also feel, and science tell us, music can help heal whatever happens to be affecting us mentally, physically and Spiritually. It can pull us out of a bad mood and even energize us while exercising. I have used binaural beats to help ease my anxiety and fall asleep easier. I also found music played at 432hz and 528hz has healing qualities due to the vibrational frequency being emitted. Both frequencies are attributed to Love/Spirit and are part of the Solfeggio scale of music.

We now have the ability to access nearly any song we want and all forms of music thanks to services like Spotify and SoundCloud. I also find great meditation music and binaural beats on YouTube. Anything our ears are craving is only a click away! Hopefully this post has inspired you to go put on some of your favorite music or maybe even explore beyond your current liked songs and playlists. Get whisked away by soothing sounds that help heal and experience the true magic of music.

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