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The mind's the limit

"The power of our beliefs can work in either direction to become life affirming or life denying."

We grew up believing, "The sky is the limit." It's supposed to mean that there is no ceiling to our potential, to which I agree. While there is no ceiling to the sky, we put limits on ourselves through the power of our minds. Nobody limits our potential more than we do. Self-fulfilling prophecies and placebos are a great example of how our minds create our reality without us putting in much effort. We simply believed something so strongly that it manifested into our existence. This includes self-talk.

It still baffles me to this day, but science proves it. Whether we want to believe it or not, our thoughts and words create our reality. I am not suggesting we invite every negative thing that has happened in our life. I defer to the Powers that don't bleed on that one. I do feel our outlook on life and responses to how our life unfolds absolutely shape what we end up experiencing. This is why I feel it is so important to monitor our thoughts and our words.

I used to be my own worst critic by saying, "I'm no good at . . ." or "I'll never be able to . . " I now see how I was limiting my potential with my own self-fulfilling prophecies. Once I finally learned what I was doing to myself, I worked on catching myself in the act. From there, I started reframing my thoughts to help create a more positive outlook on life and boost my self-esteem, instead of crushing it. Now, I'm all like, "I got this!" or "I'm figuring this out. I'm getting better." 'Excited anticipation' is my mantra, and positive affirmations help too. But the belief, and feeling what I say is true, is what has really made the difference.

I still catch myself wanting to hop on the next train to Negativity Town, where I used to sit and wallow in my comfortable dissatisfaction with life. Now I use restraint and do my best to stay positive even when life tests my resolve. I see and feel how much I have improved my mindset and thought patterns. My current outlook on life is so much better than where it was even just a few years ago. All it took was removing the limits I put on myself with my mind. Have you been putting any limits on your own potential lately without even realizing it? If so, I encourage you to remove those limits with the power of your mind.

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