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Walking and winning

"Keep walking and keep smiling."

- Tiny Tim

How many steps do you get in every day? It's easy to track our steps these days with the help of phones and smart watches. It's definitely not the best measurement to assess our physical health, but I would guess that people clocking in more than 7,500 steps a day are healthier, on average, than people who accumulate less than 7,500 steps a day. I am not factoring in diet, exercise routines, preventative health and sleep habits. I'm just focusing on steps. I would also suggest that people in the 7,500+ steps group have a better overall quality of life simply due to the amount of physical activity through the day. Again, on average.

I admit that sometimes I take walking for granted. I work from home, and especially in the winter, I really don't have much reason to be walking. There have been days the past few months where I didn't even rack up a couple thousand steps. I don't feel like it is a coincidence that I have packed on some extra weight during that time. I also feel like I lost motivation to be productive. When I was racking up 7,500+ steps a day six months ago, I feel like I had more energy throughout my day.

Photo by Holly Ro on Pexels

I have chosen to stop taking walking for granted. I use a stand up desk while working, so it forces me to stay on my feet throughout the day. Using a wireless headset, I started pacing around my home office more while on phone calls. I can easily tack on 5,000 steps simply from walking and talking for a few hours a day. I do not consider them to be quality steps, but it's something. I'm definitely being more mindful about getting steps in however I can and it has helped me to be more mindful about attending to my overall health.

I do not have to remind anyone about the countless physical and mental health benefits of walking, although, I guess I just did. 😁 I would like to encourage and challenge everyone who has the ability, to get more steps in throughout your day if you are not in the 7,500+ steps a day club. Challenge yourself to hit your goal every day and feel the results. I recently made the commitment to get my steps in every day. I'm feeling more energetic and channeling that toward being more productive. I'm not putting too much pressure on myself. I'm just taking it one step at a time, but a lot more of them every day!

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