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Acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude

"True forgiveness is when you can say, 'Thank you for that experience'."

Once I understood the importance and magnitude of expressing gratitude it changed my life for the better, forever! It's another one of those simple philosophies that does not come easy. However, once I incorporated it into my life it made forgiving myself and others more effortless. It made apologizing to myself and others easier. It made life circumstances beyond my control so much less of a burden through acceptance. What a relief!

I admit, accepting the chaos life sometimes throws at us is not pleasant. It can get outright ugly, but I am not required to get ugly along with the situation. Rather, I get to choose how I respond to my circumstances, both the optimal and less desirable. I found when I take a step back from the unexpected chaos without reacting impulsively, I am able to craft a much better response to my sudden predicament. I can actually search for the good in an unfortunate situation and even be grateful that it happened.

I love the story of the Zen master and the little boy I first heard watching Charlie Wilson's War. This helped me gain a better perspective on life. "I don't like this [insert current crappy situation] I'm experiencing," I sometimes think to myself. It can also be paving the way for something better to come along if only we invest some time and energy considering why it all happened and what we can learn from it. Obviously, bad meeting vs. failed startup require different amounts of time and energy. I found the key is to not dwell on the results but to learn and grow from them. This way, not only do I accept what happened, I am grateful for the lessons learned!

A simple change in perspective has done wonders to improve my quality of life. It became easier for me to forgive people for the way they treat me too. I realize it's more of a reflection of them than me. This is how I am able to respond with kindness as opposed to contempt. I don't always get it right. I have also learned to forgive myself. I respond to my own guilt with much more kindness now. It feels good to live in Love and respond accordingly. I replaced my anger, spite and jealousy with acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude. The results have been amazing! For this, I am truly grateful! 🙏

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