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Appreciating all forms of art

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

-Pablo Picasso

We interact with art every day. Whether it's theater, music, photos, paintings or pottery, we are surrounded by what the dictionary defines as the expression of creative skill and imagination. Even everyday items such as cars, phones and shoes qualify as a form of functional art. Someone imagined what they wanted that certain thing to look like and made it happen. Without art, the world would be a boring and uninspiring place to live in. The beauty and variety art brings into the world can help us appreciate and find more joy in our surroundings and the magic of creative expression.

Life can get so busy sometimes that we do not allow ourselves time to stop and appreciate all of the art we are immersed in as we go about our day. Architecture. Landscaping. Interior design. Web design. Sometimes the background of our lives gets drowned out by all the noise and interference of our competing priorities. Art can easily become an afterthought or irrelevant to our responsibilities and commitments. While it is important to tend to our affairs, we should also make it a priority to stop and appreciate all of the magnificent and beautiful creations created by humanity. It's one of the free perks of life.

We are all art connoisseurs in a way. The clothes, music and movies we gravitate toward are an extension of us. We can all be considered artists too, simply by the way we arrange the food on our plate and how we draft our emails. The more we look at our lifestyle and our preferences through the lens of an artist, the more we can appreciate all forms of art. Life is not meant to be black and white with shades of gray. We have an entire color palette to choose from! We might as well use it. The more we express ourselves in different ways creatively, perhaps the more we can also learn to truly appreciate all forms of art even more.

While all art is subjective, since beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, it's also the magic of art too! We each have our own taste and style. This also highlights the variety art brings, which helps to switch up the landscape of our outer world. I encourage everyone to take some time today to stop and appreciate art, in whatever form it may be. Maybe it's something you created yourself. The more we learn to appreciate art in all of its forms, the more we can bask in the beauty and joy art brings us.

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