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Appreciating nature

"Nature's beauty is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude."

When was the last time you were completely surrounded by nature? Perhaps you were in a forest or park, or maybe in the mountains. Nature is full of beauty, wonder and awe. If you have ever looked up at the stars on a clear night, far away from the urban and suburban lights, you hopefully understand where I am coming from. There isn't anything quite more naturally inspiring than nature.

I am fascinated by nature. My favorite things to do involve being immersed in nature. Swimming in the ocean. Hiking in the woods. Running through a forest preserve. I also love standing in the rain and allowing it to bathe me in its essence. It feels cleansing. Most of my favorite pictures of the thousands I have stored in the cloud were all taken in nature. I admit, I'm a tree hugger. Seriously, I walk up to trees and literally hug them! 😁

My earliest memories of appreciating nature is when I would walk down the railroad tracks by my house when I was growing up. I loved the silence, except for the sounds of nature. Trees rustling in the wind. Birds chirping. I took those walks when I was feeling down, usually because of a spat with my parents or siblings. It was a great way to clear my head and maybe even shed some tears along the way. The best part is I always felt better once I returned home. My time being alone in nature was the elixir I needed to process my feelings and let go of any emotional pain I was feeling. Those were my earliest therapy sessions.

For those of us who endure cold winters, springtime is upon us! The weather is warming up. This is our opportunity to get outside more often to appreciate all of the benefits nature has to offer. Even if you happen to be in a city where nature is scarce, there are plenty of parks to enjoy. For me, there is just something about being out in nature that feels cleansing to the Soul. We owe it to ourselves to enjoy nature in all of it's beauty. I think nature would appreciate the visit too! 🌞

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