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Befriending fear with courage

"The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage."

Fear, whether we like it or not, is something we all experience in our daily lives. Just like love, we can't quantify it, but we sure can feel its grip on us. How we respond to fear determines how strong that grip becomes on our lives, whether we walk a fuzzy path toward freedom, a clearer path toward comfort or the spectrum of paths in between. I realize how important it is to have those people walking toward freedom for the good of humanity.

The biggest recent innovations were created by risk-takers who not only sought freedom and happiness, they sought a new way of life for all of us. Gates. Jobs. Bezos. Musk. They conquered their fears and made their dreams a reality for which we all benefit. From technology that makes our lives easier to reducing our carbon footprint on Earth while in the process of putting fresh footprints on Mars. Pretty friggin amazing! 😃

By facing my own fears with absolute courage of my convictions I assign the feelings of unease, unworthiness and anxiety to my reptilian brain playing its role as my overprotective mother. No offense Mom. 😁 I acknowlege I am not those feelings. I have nothing to fear by taking bold steps toward a better life for myself and those whose lives I touch in some way.

I am currently on a path that grants me more freedom to create the life I choose to live. While there may be discomfort at times due to the unknown destination of my journey (I am in the right ballpark and section, just finding my seat), I face my future with excited anticipation of all the possibilities that have the opportunity to unfold in right in from of me. When I feel my reptilian brain clouding my mind with negative fear-based thoughts, I feed it crickets. That's when I choose instead to be bold and tap into my grit so I can achieve my goals through passionate perseverance and help create a better life for myself and humanity.

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