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Blocking out the noise

"Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution"

- Albert Einstein

Building self-confidence was one of the tougher issues I had to tackle while creating the more authentic person I have become. I had to believe in me and my pursuits more than anyone. I relied on the courage of my convictions to do what felt right to me. I took leaps of faith along the way and made sacrifices. I feel very grateful for the support and encouragement I have received while carving my new career path. Even better, I faced minimal friction from family, friends and co-workers.

After reconnecting with my heart it eventually became easier to be more kind to myself. It took much deep reflection, though. What I am unable to prevent is interactions with people who choose a more negative outlook on life. They are quick to curse their life circumstances and prefer complaining over making healthy changes to improve their quality of life. If they are feeling extra vulnerable they may attempt to suck me in to the pity party. I politely decline and look to change the topic to something more pleasant.

Every now and then I encounter someone who takes their view of the world and attempts to apply it to me. They usually paint a dark picture and talk about shady business people, or the economy, or the deck being stacked against the little guy. It can get dark fast! Sometimes I feel the urge to help these people. I feel bad for how they have allowed their life experiences to shape their current negative outlook on life. I usually offer positive words of encouragement, but it is ultimately up to them to choose positive life changes. Sometimes it can be as simple as incorporating a more flexible and growth mindset.

I am grateful to have developed the self-confidence to go out and create a better future for myself. I am surrounded by an amazing support group of family and friends who encourage me to keep following my mission and vision of helping people level up in life and helping make the world a better place to live in. There will always be the naysayers, the doubters and contempt-filled haters. I have gotten much better at avoiding negative people who keep showing up in my life. Sometimes, it's unavoidable. I do my best not to get sucked into the negativity. I usually shower them with kindness. They hate that. 😁

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