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Committing to personal growth

"Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice."

When setting out to make self-improvements in our lives, some of us are more consistent than others. I fall in the inconsistent category when it relates to my personal growth and development. I go on these hot and cold streaks where I stay committed to a wellness routine for a few months and eventually find myself falling back into old habits I committed to breaking, while struggling to maintain healthy habits I committed to keeping. It's like I'm doing these wellbeing sprints instead of running a wellbeing marathon.

While I liken life to a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs we experience, the inconsistency of taking care of our my own wellbeing has made for a rockier ride. I have struggled sustaining healthy habits around diet and exercise. I have experienced the benefits of a morning yoga and meditation routine but also felt the effects of falling out of it. What has helped me to keep a consistent routine is designing my environment for success so I'm less likely to skip out on my commitment. By already having a meditation cushion and yoga mat waiting for me on the floor in the morning, I'm nudging myself to start the day off right.

Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

Another commitment I have made to myself is using positive affirming "I am" statements and mantras that set me up for improving my quality of life. Research shows us the power of our words, whether we are thinking them or saying them out loud. I have worked through past trauma where I was quick to label myself with more negative statements that only affirmed what I did not want showing up in my life. If we truly have the ability to create our reality through the power of our thoughts and words, I do my best to avoid any harsh or negative statements toward myself. I surround myself with constant reminders about the power of internal and external dialogue.

I have learned the importance of persistence and consistency when it comes to personal growth. By committing to growing as individuals, we are telling ourselves that we are worth the time, energy and focus it takes to improve our quality of life. Making a sustained investment in our personal development does not always come easy, but the rewards can certainly outweigh the effort. We just have to keep making the commitment.

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