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Consistent good habits get results

"Motivation gets you going and habit gets you there."

Think of a personal goal or two you have fallen short on that you would still like to achieve. Maybe it is health, family or career related. You know you can achieve it if you just continue to put in the required effort. Sometimes all it takes is putting in a consistent effort to achieve the results we are looking for. It's very common to give up on the desired goal we initially set out to achieve because we do not see the results we are looking for quick enough. This is where persistence pays off.

How bad we want it correlates to how disciplined we are willing to be to get it. If we want it bad enough, we have to stick with it. We must stick with it to reach our goal. Exercise is a typical example. We won't see the results if we are not being consistent with our routine. We also know the results do not happen overnight, so it is important to put measures in place to ensure we stick with it. The key is to find what works best for you.

Photo by Janageer Bm on Pexels

Setting up reminders and alerts on your phone or email calendar can be helpful. Post it notes, or some physical reminder in a prominent place, is another great way to keep you consistent with achieving your goals. I found one of the best ways to keep me sticking to my goals and being consistent with creating good habits is an accountability partner. Another great way to have accountability is by announcing it to your network or specific groups on social media. Reaching out to people who you know will hold you to your goals is the key. Our own willpower can be bolstered by having others keep us in check. There is something about not wanting to let others down, even if we are ok with letting ourselves off the hook at times.

So, what goal or two are you looking to put back in play? What are you going to do to hold yourself to sticking to your goals by creating those good habits that will get you across the finish line? Consider putting some new measures in place to help you get there. Consistency is the key. It's like taking baby steps toward your goal, one day at a time. If you want it bad enough, you can make it happen with your persistence. If you have to recruit some help to get it done, do whatever it takes. You got this!

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