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Displaying our attitude

"The most important thing you will ever wear is your attitude."

- Jeff Moore

We all have some type of default attitude toward life. Some people choose to embrace life and aim to live each day to the fullest, while others wander through life just looking to survive and get by. It's not as black and white as optimism vs. pessimism since there is an entire array of attitudes that we can hop in and out of depending on our mood. It's our default attitude that ultimately helps define us since it's what we are typically projecting out into the world

If you had to define your attitude in general, where would you fall on the attitude spectrum between positive and negative, with 10 being positive and 1 being negative? Think about all of your qualities, both positive and negative. Think about how you respond to certain situations, both positive and negative. Think about what your friends, family and co-workers would say about your attitude. It may be tough to quantify on a scale of 1-10, especially if you are being completely honest with yourself.

There are times when our attitude may dip into the negative space. After all, we are only human. It's more about our baseline attitude and how we choose to look at life. It may not be as simple as glass half empty or half full, but it's a good start. It may not be as simple as nice person or mean person, but we typically fall into one of those categories. Whether or not we feel it's fair that our attitudes help define us is not for us to decide. It's up to us to decide how we are going to treat others and ourselves. It's up to us to decide our outlook on life and the attitude we choose to put on display each day.

What attitude are you putting on display every day? Are you satisfied with your default attitude? If so, great! if not, what are some improvements you can make so you can be more proud of the attitude you are putting on display? Our attitude is not fixed. We choose how to act, even when life is not going our way. Nobody can make us act a certain way. That's on us. Our attitude is part of our personal brand. What does your attitude say about you?

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