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Fixed vs. Growth mindset

"It is not always people who start out the smartest who end up the smartest."

Clinging to beliefs for the sake of tradition or comfort can be the kiss of death to truly experiencing life. If we decide to stop learning and shape our beliefs into hardened facts we deprive ourselves of opportunities to live our best life.

I had a fixed mindset where I felt I could not escape my fate. I was unhappy with life and hopeless. My anxiety (fear, doubt, guilt, shame) prevented me from creating the best version of me. If we feel like our destiny and life path is already determined for us, we may feel like there is only one way through life, whether it be pleasant, miserable, or something in between. We can, however, choose to adopt a more flexible and growth oriented approach to living life.

This is where our mindset (Fixed vs Growth) plays a huge role in our lives. I learned to manage my anxiety through natural approaches like talk therapy, mindfulness and meditation. I learned through the science of neuroplasticity that life IS really what we make of it. We are the producer, director and star of our own show! This realization allowed me to start living life on my own terms, with more purpose and joy.

With a new growth mindset, I took a leap of faith to carve my own path and create a better life for myself. I started treating life like a 'choose your own adventure' experience where nothing is determined and our paths are created by the choices we make. It was scary at first, but it has been so rewarding!

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