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Springing into action

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

Taking on new projects or pursuits can be challenging at first. Organizing time, resources and financial commitments can be a delicate balancing act. Home renovations. Starting a new side business. Obtaining a certification or degree. Anything that has a big payoff down the road from the hours and dollars invested. Sometimes, the hardest part can be getting the plan in motion. All systems are go. Everything is in place, but there may be a hesitancy of abandoning the familiar to face unchartered waters.

I have mentioned uncomfortable satisfaction in previous posts. For me, it's that feeling that anything that shakes things up or rocks the boat is worse than creating new paths and seeking new adventures in our life. I have been noncommittal toward many important choices I have made in my life that ended up serving me well in the long run. I found my reluctance in the past came from over analyzing things. I still experience anxiety around making big decisions, but when I do commit, I am prepared to stay committed and put in the required effort.

Phot by Min An on Pexels

Making the commitment to a new professional or personal pursuit requires me to develop new routines that help me accomplish the smaller goals that add up toward accomplishing the bigger ones. I learned how I needed to eliminate old routines that no longer served me while creating new routines that benefit me personally and professionally. I have been better at living a healthier lifestyle and sustaining it with moderation instead of eliminating the unhealthy options. For example, I have limited my intake of meat and sugar over the past few years, but the transition seemed more tolerable by not abstaining from eating meat and sweets all together.

More recently I discovered how important it is for me to have accountability toward making progress in my new projects and pursuits. I'm learning how collaboration helps me stay committed while putting in the required effort. Having that accountability and support helps me stay disciplined and more focused. It makes it feel more real and rewarding at the same time. It also helps to keep things fresh and exciting by exploring new possibilities and opportunities. What new project or pursuit are you working on? How are you putting your plan into action?

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