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Importance of self-talk awareness

"Evidence is conclusive that your self-talk has a direct bearing on your performance."

- Zig Ziglar

We all talk to ourselves. Out loud. In our head. On paper. We are each our own closest companion. Nobody talks to us more than ourselves. When you consider that fact, how have you been talking to yourself lately? On a spectrum from being your own biggest fan to your own worst critic, where do you think you fall? Go ahead, talk amongst yourself. Where we fall on that spectrum can even depend on the situation and our mood, so it's more fluid than fixed. Sometimes we can transform from our biggest fan to our worst critic instantly. This is why it's important to be aware of our own negative self-talk.

I used to be my own worst critic up until my mid-20's. I battled with anxiety and self-esteem issues. No one could get more down on me than myself. I would tell myself things like I did not matter or I wasn't good enough. It was a dark place I led myself into. Fortunately, I was able to lead myself out of that dark place in my late 20's. I had this breakthrough where I reconnected with my heart and realized how much I had been hurting myself with negative self talk and limiting beliefs. I had become my own worst critic. I also processed a bunch of trauma in the process, which helped be discover where my self-doubt was coming from.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels

Thankfully, my realization led me to becoming my own biggest fan. I cheered myself out of the negative space I had created in my mind. I learned about the power of self-talk, including mantras and affirmations. I used them to repair and improve my mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual health. I still argue with myself when my own inner-critic wants to talk me into or out of something. What I have learned to do is create a bigger cheering section in my mind. "You got this!" "Know your worth!" "Keep going!" "You deserve this!" It really helps to drown out the Negative Nelly's lurking in my mind that want to prevent me from living my best life.

Science has proven the power of self-talk. I have experienced the proof. It can both help us or hurt us depending on what we are telling ourselves. What have you been telling yourself lately? Are you being one of your biggest fans or one of your biggest critics? Are you lifting yourself up or dragging yourself down? You have the power with your words. I encourage everyone to talk to themselves like they are their own biggest cheerleader more often. It can provide us the boost we need to drown out our inner-critic and live a more confident and joyful life.

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