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Mind over matter: Creating our reality

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

Science has proven through the placebo effect, visualization and meditation that we shape our reality with our minds. While this may seem like a huge revelation, most people still brush this off as inconsequential, even though people have been using these methods to create the life they choose to live for thousands of years. This is not a new idea, but the mounting evidence of neuroplasticity has been turning the concept of mind over matter into something very real for all of humanity.

This can help us determine how to truly live an authentic life full of purpose and joy. While I have likened life to a rollercoaster, it can also feel like a merry-go-round for many of us too. While the rollercoaster can cause anxiety and fear by not knowing where the next turn will take us, the merry-go-round can make us feel unfulfilled, like we are on autopilot, playing out our very own Groundhog Day. We have to choose the best path forward. It's different for everyone.

My career felt more like a merry-go-round in my late 20's and I wanted off, but it was very nerve-racking for me. I kept opting for the security of salaried positions with full benefits that were not quite what I wanted to do. No matter where I ended up, the comfort turned to anxious unease and dissatisfaction. I felt trapped. I had created an unwanted reality with negative self-talk and lacking more connection with Source. Talk therapy and mindfulness techniques helped me become more self-aware of my thoughts and reframe them through neuro-linguistic programming. I eventually saw how I was still yearning for more freedom, variety and spontaneity in my career.

It took me more than ten years to fully exit the merry-go-round and strap into the rollercoaster ride instead. Big risk, but so rewarding! The irony of it all is that I experience less anxiety without the guaranteed salary and benefits. I make sacrifices and feel blessed by support from loved ones. Most importantly, I feel fulfilled. A growth mindset helps me experience life with more purpose while enjoying the ride! I'm creating the life I want instead of taking what I can get. I don't know where the next turn will take me, but my mind is in the right place. Knowing this important fact gets me in the direction I'm headed. That's all the comfort I need.

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