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Pushing through to completion

"Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in."

- Bill Bradley

There are many factors that contribute to accomplishing goals we set for ourselves. While we may have a burning desire and a plan, unwavering persistence is the key to successfully crossing the finish line. Whether it's a certain amount of weight we want to shed or running a sustainable business, our success is determined not only by the amount of effort we put in, it also requires putting in consistent effort until we achieve success.

Persistence is what keeps the ball moving forward. Even small amounts of consistent effort can produce sizable rewards when we choose to stay committed to our goals and patient with incremental results. Of course, no sizable goal cannot come without it's share of obstacles and road blocks. When we are tested by setbacks or stagnation we learn what we are truly made of and how bad we really want whatever it is we are after. If we want it bad enough, our persistence will get us there. Persistence plows through even our biggest excuses.

When our ambition is low, persistence keeps us going. When the goal seems too far off, persistence keeps getting us one step closer. Even when funding and resources are lacking, our persistence helps us to become more resourceful and do what it takes to keep us moving toward our goal. When we stop being persistent, it serves as a warning sign to reevaluate the goal. That's when we start asking ourselves, "How bad do I really want this?" Our persistence serves as a measuring stick. We may realize our priorities have shifted and maybe we didn't want it that bad after all.

If we do want it bad enough, being consistently persistent is the determining factor. A strong will to get there is important, but there is no substitute for dedicated persistence. Without being persistent, goals dissolve into unfulfilled desires that never come to fruition. Goals require time and effort, but if we are not putting in consistent time and effort, we may not be committed enough to reach the finish line. If we want it bad enough, our persistence is what gets us there.

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