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Putting courage to the test

"Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point."

- C.S. Lewis

Where would we be without courage? Courage is one of those traits we develop throughout the course of our life. Courage gives us the ability to overcome our fears and acknowledge our worries and doubts with more reassurance regarding potential outcomes. While we can't measure the amount of courage inside us, we can certainly gauge whether we are being courageous when facing challenges and unknowns.

Our courage is tested when we are not quite sure of how (or if) we should proceed when presented with tough choices. Whether it involves our personal or professional life, our courage will factor in to how we proceed. Sometimes we need to summon the courage from within us to stand up for ourselves when we feel like we have been wronged. Sometimes we need courage to simply get out of bed in the morning to face another day. It's our courage that keeps us moving forward and making the most of life.

Photo by Ieva Swanson on Unsplash

When we feel the need to muster up some courage and we may be struggling with taking action, we can always take a step back and figure out how to proceed. We can remind ourselves that we have the confidence and courage inside of us that we have used in the past to face whatever challenge is in front of us. We can remind ourselves how we got through our past challenges and uncertainties, and we are still here to face more of them. The more challenges we overcome, the more we realize how courageous we really are!

What are a couple of challenges or uncertainties you have right now where you could use more courage to address them? What's holding you back? What's it going to take to make your move? What will it feel like once you do it? If you are looking for more courage, it's inside each and every one of us. We just have to tap into it. It's what helps us to keep striving and thriving in life. We can create better circumstances for ourselves when we maximize the power of our courage.

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