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Strength in numbers

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."

I am one of those "Teamwork makes the dream work" guys. The cheerleader of the group. I understand the nuances of working in large teams to accomplish big goals. I feel a great team with great communication and leadership are the components to achieving success. Whether it's launching an IPO or winning the FIFA World Cup, the CEO and the star athlete may play a big role, but success ultimately lies in the contributions of the entire group. But what about when it comes to managing our own lives?

Growing up in an individualistic culture, collaboration can take a back seat to the "I can do it all by myself" mentality of Western civilization. Even when learning to tie our shoes or ride a bike we had instructors and encouragement from the sidelines. We needed help. Becoming independent should not lead us to feeling helpless when all we really need in the moment is help. I look back at countless times my "I got this" attitude got me nowhere. I simply needed help but was too proud or ashamed to ask. I also had Marty and George McFly syndrome: Fear of rejection. I learned this by cultivating my own self-awareness.

I started reaching out for more help in my career and personal life and realized life does not have to be as difficult or complicated as I make it out to be. It started about five years ago with three years straight of weekly talk therapy. I reached out for help when I realized doing things on my own, including self-care, was draining me and getting me nowhere. I know, help with self-care. The irony! 😁 I also did not need to do it on my own. I am surrounded by amazing people who are more than willing to help me out. This was a life-changing realization for me.

Now I am the CEO of Me Inc. It's a startup of one, but I have a big team I rely on. I know who to turn to for my needs regarding health, finances or R&D for my future. The more I reach out to people, the less afraid I am to keep reaching out. It's like a muscle we must keep flexing to build strength. Using purpose and joy in my life as a measuring stick, Me Inc.'s arrow is pointing up. I'm excited for the future! It happened by shifting from a mentality of surviving to an attitude of striving and thriving. All I had to do was ask for help.

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