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Taking the high road

"The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury."

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt the need to defend yourself, and then afterwards, felt you may have overreacted? Perhaps your emotions were running high and you did not take the time to assess all of the variables at play. Maybe you were right, but

realized in hindsight you could have handled your response with a bit more class. While we are able to apologize for our words and actions, we can't take them back. The damage has already been done since apologies cannot erase what happened.

I learned at a young age what it meant to take the high road, but I chose to get defensive, argue and retaliate instead. I preferred to get in the last word and even seek revenge when I had confrontations with people. While I may have felt proud of holding my ground and speaking my mind, I usually ended up making more enemies than friends. I was high on pride and low on humility. I handled disagreements and misunderstandings poorly as a teenager and young adult.

Taking the high road finally sunk in when I realized the error of my ways. I learned how I was creating more turmoil in my life by creating and even intensifying any friction with people who I was not on the same page with. Now, I have learned to let it go and let it be. I learned I do not always need to be right, and even when I know I am, I do not have to go out of my way to prove it. I have learned to let others get in the last word or feel like they got the best of me, and I'm ok with that. I allow my ego to take a back seat while I get back to enjoying the ride from behind the steering wheel of life.

By exchanging pride for humility, life has become much more enjoyable and hassle-free for me. I found the high road is paved better and has much less traffic too! If we can learn to not take things so personally or feel like we have to address every disagreement we find ourselves in, we can experience a much better quality of life. It is a pride swallowing paradigm shift that has the ability to help us live more carefree. It's simply a matter of choosing to take the high road instead.

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