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Thinking helpful thoughts

“Whether a thought is spoken or not, it is a real thing and has powers of reality.”

- Frank Herbert

Over the past generation science has been discovering more about the power of our minds and thoughts in affecting, or quite literally, shaping our reality. It's one of those discoveries that should make people wonder in awe and question how our reality works. At the very least, it should persuade us to focus on more pleasant and positive thoughts that can help benefit our overall wellbeing and quality of life. The science is there. It's our job to be more mindful about where we are focusing our attention at all times.

I feel like, in general, most people would agree that their outlook on life and thought patterns contribute to their overall quality of life. In the simplest terms, the person with the more positive attitude is most likely going to have a more positive life experience. A lot of it has to do with our expectations. Consider these three statements: "I am going to," "I will try to," and "I hope I can." Who will most likely succeed? There is a big difference between the person who says, "I'm getting there," and the person who says, "This is taking forever." It's all in the mindset.

Photo by Taufik Akbar on Pexels

It's amazing how simple the idea is, but how difficult it can be to put into practice, especially when things are not going the way we would like them to. We can end up sabotaging our own efforts with statements like, "This isn't working," or "I will never get there." A self-fulfilling prophecy is nothing but a prediction about our intentions. If we were to keep telling ourselves we are unable to do something, or that it is unattainable, we are limiting our ability to create

the life we aspire to. We do this simply with our thoughts and words!

This is a simple reminder about the power of our minds and how we have the ability to create a better life experience for ourselves just by focusing on all of the good stuff going on in our lives and having positive expectations and hope for the future. It can be much tougher to have a positive mindset from an unfavorable/unwanted situation, but that does not mean it is not possible. We have to believe it is possible before we can experience it for ourselves. This is why the most successful and happy people in the world approach it with a positive attitude. It all starts and ends with thinking more helpful thoughts throughout the day.

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