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Tuning into our best self

"If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration."

You know how we can get toddlers to recover from a rush of negative emotions right after they take a spill? Maybe we "bump our head too" and everyone gets a good laugh. That was a quick recovery! What if that tactic still worked on us as adults? What if we could quickly assess our emotions and redirect our attention toward a more healthy and constructive mindset which produces more positive emotions and helps the negative ones melt away?

Well, we do this all the time! However, some of us are more selective about redirecting our attention toward the positive. Some of us at times remain focused on the negative emotions stewing inside us. Sometimes feeling angry or sad is necessary to get it out of our system and get us out of any rut we get ourselves into. Then what? How do we redirect our mindset to continue eliciting more positive emotions and dissolve the negative ones? How do we get unstuck from negative energy?

This is where Nikola Tesla helped us to understand how the Universe works and how we tune into our emotions like a frequency on a radio or television (pre-smart TV's). Think of your brain as an old school TV set with those rabbit ears on top. We tune into the broadcast (frequency or vibration) we want to experience through our thoughts and actions. The emotions we feel decide whether we are tuning into a comedy, a drama, an action adventure, or maybe a mix of all three. This perspective changed the way I think and act. I pick way better programming now! 😁

I learned I can just change the channel (frequency or vibration)! I can tune into what I want to watch and feel. The key is understanding we have the power inside of us to tune into a better broadcast. When people say they are sending good vibes, which I do all the time, they are basically saying, "Hey, tune into those good feels! They are available to you! Always!" Then, we choose to tune into a better frequency or not, despite our circumstances. No one else gets to choose our mood. That's up to us. We each hold the remote control (our mindset) that dictates how we feel. What are you tuning into today?

Self-Care Side Note: If you feel your remote may be on the fritz there are plenty of options to help fix it including meditation, talk therapy and mindfulness. That's how I fixed mine. Make sure to frequently recharge your batteries too! 😃💖🌞

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