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Walking it out

"An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day"

Not all of us are in professions that allow us to get our recommended daily steps in. Even then, sometimes it's nice to go for a walk and not think about work. Walking is one of those exercises that can help rejuvenate the body and mind. There are several ways to enhance the experience by picking some nice scenery, like a forest preserve, and focusing on our breathing so we can be more present while walking. Sometimes we may get so caught up in our day, we don't get to fully appreciate our brief walks from here to there while taking care of business.

For me, a nice long walk can be the equivalent of screaming into a pillow when my brain is on overload or I am frustrated about something. It helps me sort out any issues I may be dealing with personally or professionally. I know there are people who like to take their aggression out at the gym or on paper. I like to walk it out. There is something about breathing in fresh air and taking in the sounds of nature. It's like a massage for my mind.

Photo by Jad Limcaco on Unsplash

I did not realize how beneficial my walks were until I recently stopped taking them. It coincided with a different work schedule and environment. I noticed my mental clutter pile up without giving it time to reorganize and release on those nice long walks. I don't feel like I was avoiding my walks but rather it fell out of my routine. There is no need for me to avoid or dread taking walks. It's simple to do and relaxing. I now see how imperative it is for me to maintain my routine of taking long walks for my own wellbeing.

I wanted to get upset with myself the other day for abandoning my walks. Instead, I went for a nice long walk. It was exactly what I needed. Just as unhealthy habits can be hard to break, healthy habits can be difficult to maintain if we are unable to be consistent with them. We know how much healthy habits can benefit us when we stick with them. It doesn't even need to be something that drains us mentally or physically. Sometimes, all it takes is a regular walk in the park.

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