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Creating balance in life

"Balance is not something you find, it's something you create."

– Jana Kingsford

I believe balance is one of the best ways to invite true happiness and joy into our lives. By balancing our responsibilities, commitments and aspirations we are able to not only dance within the chaos all around us, we can transform that chaos into a well choreographed ballad of our own choosing. That is, if we choose to take that path and maintain proper balance along the way.

Life unfortunately does not come with a manual. How do we know how much time we should be committing toward everything the Universe manages to pile on our plate every day? How do we prevent ourselves from spreading our time and energy too thin to the point that we burn out?

I have learned the more I focus on creating balance in my own life, the more easily I am able to manage everything that life throws at me. A few years of weekly talk therapy helped me with being more mindful and self-aware. I became more selective in what I am willing to commit myself to without feeling guilty for saying "No" to myself or others.

Most importantly, it took proper self-care and loving myself more to realize that I have everything I need to manage my life and live it to the fullest with more purpose and joy! The answers were right inside me the whole time. I just needed more quiet time to process everything and put a plan together for leveling up and living the best life available to me.

Now I properly balance my time and energy between me, family, friends and career (This includes the time I spend thinking about these four areas). That "me" part is HUGE. By spending the proper amount of time on my own self-care, I am able to more easily and effectively care for everyone else in my life. It really is all about balance!

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