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Intentions for my retreat

Setting intentions for working with Ayahuasca is a necessary part of the preparation process. Not having an intention is like showing up to therapy without a goal or purpose for the sessions. Everyone participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony should have something to learn or gain from the experience. As I have previously stated, this is not a plant medicine to take for recreational purposes or to "see what happens." By setting clear intentions, you are showing Mother Ayahuasca that you have a purpose and goal in mind. Now, it might not align directly with what is ultimately revealed, but it shows how you are serious about learning and growing from the experience. I want to be clear that an intention is not an expectation. I do not expect anything except to receive what is meant for me.

It's not necessary to go too much into detail when setting intentions. It can be as simple as, "Teach me how to conquer my fears," or "Help me with practicing self-compassion." There are no rules for setting intentions, only that it be authentic and help further your soul growth. "Make me a millionaire," is not a proper intention, as Mother Aya is not a genie who grants wishes. She is a teacher and a doctor. She is there to help you learn and heal. That's not to say her guidance cannot help make you a millionaire, but it's something you would earn as a result of the learning and healing you experience by working with Ayahuasca.

Setting intentions with Ayahuasca

My intentions

I initially decided to go on an Ayahuasca retreat for two main reasons. I first would like to clear any internal blocks I possess that prevent me from continuing to become a better version of myself. I want to process any unresolved or suppressed trauma that interferes with my soul growth and limits my true potential in life. I still have lingering anxiety, doubt, and fear that I believe gets in the way of my ability to level up my life and be a better person for everyone in my life, especially myself. I want to be able to manage my emotions more effectively and not allow negative emotions to dictate or control my behavior and actions. I want to live in peace and harmony with myself and the world. I hope to release any negative feelings or transgressions I harbor from my past. I would like to break free from everything and anything holding me back from leveling up my life. It may sound like a tall order, but it's much more simplified in my mind and in my intentions through meditation, prayer, and journaling. "Help me grow into the best version of myself possible."

My second main intention is asking for guidance about my career path moving forward. While I love my current job, I feel like I have shifted into auto-pilot recently, and gotten too comfortable. I love helping my clients work toward their goals for counseling, but I also find myself wanting more out of my career. My mission in life over the past few years has been to help as many people as possible improve their overall wellbeing and quality of life. So, I feel like my current caseload of clients is not helping me honor my mission fully. Although, I believe it is preparing me to do more. My intention with the Much Better Me blog (formerly Subatomic Zen) is to reach a bigger audience and help more people. I am also planning another website that shares health and wellness content from multiple online resources. So, I hope to get more clarity around growing both outlets, or something better. Perhaps, something I have been too scared pursue or too blind to see. I am open to whatever Mother Aya as willing to show me.

My final few intentions are for guidance with certain areas of my personal life. I don't need answers, but I am hoping for some clarity and insight into what the future may hold for me depending on which path I head down. As I see life as a "Choose your own adventure" scenario, I'm seeking guidance with making the best choices that grant me the most favorable opportunities. I understand I may not get any of the specific guidance I am seeking. I realize it is not up to me what will be revealed by Mother Aya, but I also understand the importance of setting intentions as a place to start. I'm not showing up to my retreat empty handed. My ultimate intention is soul growth, which can hopefully help me grow in to the best version of myself possible.

My intentions will also help me with interpreting my experience during the integration process that will follow my retreat. From what I understand, connecting the dots in the weeks and months that follow can be less challenging by setting clear intentions while heading in to my retreat. Setting clear intentions can also help for anchoring during each ceremony. While I don't know exactly what to expect during the ceremonies, I understand that it helps to stay focused on my intentions as a foundation and reason for being there in the first place. If ever I feel lost or out of sorts, I can shift my focus back to my intentions and re-center myself. Since I know Ayahuasca ceremonies can be intense, and that may be putting it lightly, I have my intentions to keep me grounded and focused, no matter what transpires. Whatever I encounter, I'm ready!

While I may not receive the exact guidance I want, I'll get what I need. I trust that Mother Aya, and everything that resides beyond the veil of existence, will guide me by revealing what is meant for me. I hope that it aligns closely with whatever it will take to help me become the best, if not a continuously better, version of me. I am so grateful for this experience. Beyond words. I was granted this opportunity, and I intend to make the most of it. Two more weeks! Next week I will cover more of my preparation and plans heading in to the final week before my retreat.


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