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Waking up grateful

"Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart."

We each have our own morning routine after we wake up. Most people usually have a limited amount of time to themselves before going about their day. Some people may only get enough time to brush their teeth and grab some coffee until duty calls. No matter how much time we may have, everyone could benefit from carving out a few minutes first thing in the morning to express a bit of gratitude for the promise of a new day filled with possibilities and opportunities.

It can be easy to immediately start thinking about everything that needs to get accomplished that day. Even worse, dread can creep it's ugly head, urging us to hit snooze instead of getting out of bed. Those first few minutes we are awake every morning can set the stage for the day depending where our head is at. So why not start the day off with some gratitude and positivity? If this is not a practice you already incorporate into your morning routine, there are numerous benefits of expressing gratitude while mixing in some positive thoughts after waking up.

Even for the get up and go person, there are always opportunities to squeeze in some reflection time while brushing those pearly whites or taking a shower. Getting dressed. Making the bed. These are all morning habits where we can focus our minds on the good stuff going on in our lives. It may be as simple as being grateful for another day on Earth. On this rollercoaster ride of life, we determine whether we are going to have fun or be terrified. It's all a matter of perspective. There is a wide spectrum between dwelling and excelling. Our attitude helps shape our outlook. We might as well pick a grateful and positive one.

Even when our lives seem challenging, there is always something for us to be grateful for. Family. Friends. A roof over our head. It's in our power to be mindful of the good, even while managing the missteps and setbacks life will sometimes serve up. It may not be easy at times, but it's always possible. The better our mindset, the more we are able to handle whatever shows up. It all starts each morning with how we choose to look at the day. When we rise out of bed with a grateful heart and a positive mindset, we give ourselves more power to chase away any clouds in the way to allow for a brighter day filled with potential and possibilities.

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